Ongoing Formation Day

Ongoing Formation Day

“Prayer to God is the breathing of love stirred into life by the Holy Spirit through whom the inner man begins to listen to the voice of God speaking to his heart.” – Capuchin Constitutions, Chapter 3, No. 45.

Recently, the General Minister with his Council invited Capuchins from all over the world to reflect on our Constitutions. Along the same lines, study aids intended for helping the brothers enter into the spirit of the Constitutions have been published during recent months on the Order’s website.

Friar Štefan Kožuh, Vicar General during the past sexennium, is the author of the study aid relating to the third chapter of our Constitutions: “Our Life of Prayer”. On Saturday, September 19, 2020, he joined the friars of the General Curia for a day of ongoing formation, giving two conferences that dealt precisely with the theme of the life of prayer and prayer itself.

The audio material of these two conferences are made available for the friars.

Fra Štefan Kožuh has been a member of the Celle di Cortona community (AR, Italy) for a year now. It is a part of the St. Lawrence of Brindisi Project.

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