The way of the cross in the borders

The way of the cross in the borders

It is by no means easy to reach a mature and balanced relationship with the mystery of the person of Jesus. There is always a tension between the human and divine dimensions. Unfortunately, this healthy dialectic is often lost and there are those who think that Jesus is only a superman and find it very difficult to experience his divinity. However, there are also those who find themselves comfortable in front of a divine Jesus, omnipotent, beautiful, impassive and distant from reality.

The Lutheran theologian, saint and martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died in the Nazi concentration camp in Tegel, asked himself this question: What does Jesus really mean for us today? Why did the world war not provoke any reaction in the Christian communities of Europe?

These days, many nations do “shops” with others, and close their borders and their eyes – the heart has been closed much earlier – and they don’t care about the thousands of human beings who find themselves between life and death, because they don’t know what to do. What do we do? Who is Jesus really for us today? Perhaps we are the first to be secularized, ready to speak of the Christian roots of Europe, yet further away from Christian values ​​every day.


We propose to you to make the way of the cross, without forgetting the journey made by Jesus. Let us try to put ourselves in the skin of the suffering Christ at the gates of the nations, on the fences of the borders, with the cold, without food, misunderstood because of the tongue, fallen into the mud, sometimes condemned to die of hardship or drowned … Lord, I sinned with my indifference, my fear and my comfort … have mercy on me and help us to free many of our refugee brothers from the pains of hell on earth. Amen.

Jaime Rey OFMCap