Who We Are

“So I advise you:
in whatever way you think it is better to please the Lord God
and to follow in his footsteps and his poverty,
do it with the blessing of the Lord God and with my obedience.”

Saint Francis, Letter to Brother Leo

Welcome Brothers!

Welcome to our new website of the General Secretariat for Formation (SGF) of the Capuchins! 
We are on a path of formation and we need to update ourselves every day. 
It is a beautiful thing to be able to enter into the heart, mind and vision of Jesus our teacher,
of St. Francis our brother, of St. Clare our sister and of all the Capuchin Franciscans who are in the world. 
We are happy to be able to invite you to take inspiration
from the Capuchin Franciscan way of life to increase meaning, love and joy!